Mevii is an innovative mobile health application focused on helping women effectively manage stress. A complete program based on the latest health strategies and proven techniques, every aspect of Mevii had to be welcoming, professional and engaging at launch. REVERED was engaged to help Mevii from A-Z, working on nearly every aspect of the mobile app including crafting the brand identity, helping guide the development of the app, creating sales materials, and designing the user website.

REVERED created a warm, inviting and personal brand identity that positions Mevii as a thoughtful, encouraging friend. The user interface of the app and the website enhance this personality, helping welcome users to a full-encompassing and engaging brand experience. On the sales side, REVERED developed effective sales materials including a video that captured the personality of Mevii while also effectively communicating the need for the app, why it’s effective, and how it benefits insurance providers, businesses and therapists.

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